Belgrave Crescent About Us page Roséline + P.F.M.

Belgrave Crescent is a fashion accessories brand that was co-founded by Roséline London and P. Francis in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2014. The brand’s handcrafted leather pieces are designed and created with the utmost care and precision, using only the finest materials sourced from England, France, and Spain. Each item is designed to be a timeless classic, with elegant lines, intricate stitching, and exquisite details that are all still made by hand by skilled craftspeople in England.

The company’s name comes from one of Edinburgh’s most sought-after addresses in the city, quietly located in the West End, less than one mile west of Princes Street. The city itself would become a large part of the company’s ethos, and many of the brand’s beautiful editorials and ad campaigns were shot in its charming cobblestone streets.

Today, the brand has a cult following of forward-thinking and fashion-savvy customers who value the brand’s commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and sustainability.

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